Auto Service—What Fluid Leak Have You Developed?

Posted on: 15 January 2018

As long as you own a car, you are likely going to find mysterious drops or puddles of fluid underneath it at some point. The main thing you need to do is identify what the liquid is, as this could mean the difference between a simple, quick fix and outrageously priced auto repairs. Luckily, since fluid leaks tend to be commonplace, more often than not it could indicate a faulty seal that just needs to be replaced. To narrow down the potential cause, you should get under your vehicle and trace a line from the evidence of the leak to the nearest engine component. Pour a light layer of talcum powder on this area and wait to see if another drop will fall. The general area of the droplets should alert you to the source of the leak. The following list highlights some of the common fluid leaks that your car could spring.

A transmission fluid leak

This type of fluid has a distinctive red colour. The consistency of transmission fluid is quite thick and has somewhat the same type of slickness as oil. The last feature that you can use to identify transmission fluid is its sickly-sweet odour. Transmission fluid leaks typically are indicative of problems with either your gearbox or your power steering. Thus, the droplets will usually be located at the front end of your car, close to your vehicle's engine bay. Be sure to have your car serviced as soon as possible because if the leak is left unhampered, it could cause critical damage to your transmission system.

A brake fluid leak

Another leak that should never be ignored is a brake fluid leak. Fresh brake fluid is a dark yellow hue, but it is prone to turning brown when exposed to air. Be on the lookout for puddles of liquid below your brake pedal or close to your wheels. Although brake fluid leaks are not one of the standard problems motorists develop, they are one of the most dangerous fluid leaks to have, as they directly influence how safe and roadworthy your vehicle is. When the brake lines are functioning with decreased brake fluid, their performance also steadily begins to decline. It is therefore vital to have your mechanic give your car the once-over so that they can locate and fix the leak in good time.

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