4 Factors That Vehicle Owners Must Know When Towing Their Cars

Posted on: 22 January 2018

A vehicle can suddenly stop working when you are on a busy highway due to a host of reasons majorly electrical or mechanical issues. Also, your vehicle might be involved in an accident rendering it immobile. In such incidences, car owners require towing services to get their vehicles to storage or a repair shop. Therefore, before your car is towed, you should know all the nuances of this service, including collision coverage, fees, and wait time. This article reviews some of the factors that vehicle owners must consider when towing their cars.

Collision Coverage -- When your car is involved in an accident, you might incur extra costs to tow the vehicle. Shrewd car owners invest in collision coverage that covers expenses such as towing, repairs, and storage irrespective of whether your car was at fault or not. As the accident is being investigated, your vehicle accumulates hefty storage fees until the matter is resolved. Therefore, collision coverage cushions you from such charges. Consider taking a premium package, especially if you own a luxury vehicle since the storage costs and repairs can be quite substantial.

Miscellaneous Charges -- Towing service fees imply the charges imposed by providers to tow a vehicle from the scene of the incident to a garage, temporary storage or impound lot. The charges apply to basic towing services. However, when your car is severely damaged, you might need additional equipment and tools to haul it. Furthermore, some fees might be applicable, for example, labour fee and storage charges. Notably, be mindful of all these costs before you commit yourself to any towing services.

Choosing Your Preferred Provider -- Many motorists, in a bid to save money and time, might fall prey to unsolicited towing services. Industry experts recommend that any towing service should be initiated by the police or a car owner. Choosing a service that just happens to show up at your time of need might not be the best idea because you ought to do some due diligence first. Have your paperwork in order including copies of invoices with all charges accounted for. Ask for the location where your vehicle will be towed to just in case an insurance appraiser wants to access it before any repairs can take place.

Time of Towing -- Most towing companies charge a flat fee for a specific city/town limit regarding distance. The base rates often apply during working hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Emergency towing outside these working hours might attract an extra fee package, especially on weekends. Furthermore, during holidays when most towing firms are closed for business, the few providers that are open for business might increase their charges.