Three Essential Guidelines for Restoring Your Old Trailer

Posted on: 5 February 2018

If you have an old trailer in your home, you should think about performing restorative work. This process will improve the appearance of the structure, making it more versatile in its applications. In addition, the restoration can extend the lifespan of the trailer and even improve the performance. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage a mechanic or other auto expert for repairs and improvements. However, if you have appropriate tools and sufficient time, you might be able to carry out some of the work. Here are some essential tips to help you restore your old trailer.

Eliminate Rust on Panels

Steel is a popular material in the manufacture of trailers. The favourability of the metal can be attributed to the high mechanical strength and resilience. Regrettably, the metal is vulnerable to moisture and air. If the steel is in constant contact with these elements, it might rust and corrode. If the rust spreads, the trailer will no longer be appealing or strong. Therefore, you should check the panels for significant corrosion during your restoration project.

If the rust is superficial, you should scrub the area and eliminate the reddish brown deposits. Then, you should repaint to prevent recurrence. If the rust is widespread and deep and the panels have become weak, you should think about performing a replacement. This type of replacement can be costly, but it will cause a big improvement. You can reduce your total restoration expenses by purchasing old trailer panels from your local auto wrecking shop.

Replace Rotten Floors

Trailers with wooden floors are vulnerable to damage when placed in unfavourable conditions. For example, prolonged exposure to water will cause rotting of the boards. Therefore, you should perform regular maintenance of the surfaces to prevent this type of damage. Ideally, you should ensure that the boards are correctly sealed to prevent penetration of moisture. If no, you should clean the boards and refinish the surface as part of your restoration project. If the boards are already rotten, you will need to plan for replacement.

Upgrade the Suspension

If you are planning on using your trailer heavily after restoration, you should think about replacing the running gear, including the suspension system. This improvement will allow you to handle bulky loads, and you will increase the efficiency of the trailer and your personal safety. You should also consider installing a braking system if it is absent or upgrading the old one for better handling and performance. You can also purchase new or used tyres, wheels and hubs for optimal results.

For more information on trailer repairs, contact a local professional.