3 Labeling Tasks to Make Your Industrial Transport Easier

Posted on: 9 March 2018

One of the quickest ways to have your industrial transport service turn down your items or put them on hold is the labeling. If the labeling is not done properly or if it is hard to read, then the shipment may be delayed. This delay can be costly for you and for the receiver of the transport. If you want to make sure that you have no issues caused by poor labeling, make sure to follow these three labeling-related tasks.

Use Printed Labeling

One of the easiest ways to avoid transportation delays due to labeling is to use printed labeling options. You may already do this for most of the shipment. However, there may be certain things you do write out by hand on the various boxes. These may be numbers for tracking by your company or some kind of code you use on your end of the transport. Unfortunately, if these handwritten notes cover another part of the label or get into the sight line of the label, then it may cause issues with digital readers and inventory devices. For that reason, start using printed labeling for the entire shipment.

Placement of Labeling

Keep in mind that the problem an industrial transport service has may not be with the label, but the placement of that labeling. Most shipments are placed in such a way that the labeling is easy to see from most angles. If the transport truck stops at a weigh station, then someone checking the shipment can easily identify the label. If there is a label covering another label, then it can be difficult to read what the shipment is, if it has received the proper checks, and if it is safe to continue on the transport. This is important for any transport, but can cause long delays for industrial shipments that may require more guidelines for transport and especially for international shipment.

Weatherproof Labeling

You may think about the readability of the labels and of the placement, but one thing you might overlook is the weatherproofing of the label. Keep in mind that most industrial transport freight will come in contact with various weather conditions. Rain, wind, and even freezing conditions can cause the labels to break down or get lost in shipment. With weatherproof labeling options, you can ensure the labels stay in place, don't get lost, and can be read throughout the transport. This will reduce delays, including extensive delays due to no label being present.

With a proper checklist in place for labeling and other shipping tasks, you can help make the industrial transport easier. In addition to these labeling tasks, make sure the industrial transport service you are using does not have additional criteria for shipment labeling. They can also help with any questions you may have.