Why You Should Get the Cost of Spare Parts for Your Car Under Control

Posted on: 17 April 2018

If you've been the proud owner of an import car for many years now, you may be very happy with your set of wheels and plan to keep it for some time. However, as vehicles get older and accrue more mileage, things start to break and you will need to source an ever-increasing number of spare parts. The chances are that your new vehicle warranty ran out some time ago, but you may be still in the habit of going to your main dealer to get those parts. What should you know about this habit and why should you consider making a change?

Understanding the Real Truth

Many people seem to think that car dealerships get the majority of their operating profit from the sale of new vehicles. After all, it's easy to get this impression when you drive past the showroom and see row after row of shiny, new cars. Yet this is far from the truth. The amount of profit on a new car these days is relatively small within the big picture, and in fact, these dealers may get more profit from the sale of used cars or by striking a deal to give you finance. Most interestingly of all, however, is the fact that new car dealers get the lion's share of their profits from selling you replacement parts and then fitting them within their service bays.

When you consider that salesmen will often get a commission based on the spare part that they sell you, you may wonder why you are paying quite a lot of money for the components that you need. While you may have exhibited a certain amount of loyalty to the dealership over the years, there is no reason why you have to get any replacement parts from there in the future.

Looking at Used

In most cases, you will achieve the same objective by fitting a used part to the vehicle and thereby saving yourself a great deal of money on your annual transportation budget. You should have a look around your local wrecker's yard, to see if they have the make and model of your vehicle and to see whether you can buy the parts that you currently need at a very significant discount.

Going Even Further

Once you've done that, do some research and find an independent garage to help you fit the parts, thereby saving even more into the bargain.

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